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Compensation at E.L. Haynes

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Compensation and Pay Scale Philosophy

We anchor our compensation decisions using the guiding principles below.

  • Competitive: We offer salaries that are competitive in the D.C. market for similar roles. We assess our competitiveness regularly to ensure that we are able to attract and retain our excellent staff members.
  • Transparent: We openly share our compensation structure as an organization and what drives our total compensation package. We provide clarity so that our staff understand their compensation and the investments made in them.
  • Fair and Consistent: We ensure that employees within the same position are compensated fairly and consistently. We regularly review data and compensation processes to ensure staff do not experience differences in their compensation based on gender, race, and other demographic factors.
  • Sustainable: We plan for our future and ground our investments in our staff in our ability to continue to do so in future years, while also maintaining critical investments in our students and other needed expenses.

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